Miracle Tele round 2 (TELE)


Miracle Tele round 2 (TELE)


Value : ~€ 11.70 | Views : 1932

Miracle Tele is a Telecom based project. Users can enjoy blockchain based mobile and data services all over the world and profit from the telco network growth.

Miracle Tele is airdropping 90 TELE tokens (~€ 11.70) to airdrop participants and 10 TELE (~€ 1.30) for every referral. 

1. Sign up on Miracle Tele website.
2. Verify your mail. After verification, you will receive a code and a password to log in.
3. In dashboard, click on ''Take part in our airdrop campaign''.
4. Join Telegram. (+25 TELE)
5. Like the Facebook page and repost. (20 TELE)
6. Follow on Twitter and retweet. (20 TELE)
7. Stack your TELE tokens for the first time and start getting token holder rewards every two weeks. (25 TELE)
8. Refer friends to earn 10 TELE for every referral.

Also, Miracle Tele ICO is currently live and their massive bounty campaign and video contest are ongoing. Participate in them to get more tokens, stack them, and start receiving biweekly rewards.


For more info on Miracle Tele, see Miracle Tele ICO review.

Or visit token website

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